• 06 Feb - 2018 posted by - Jahangir Imam1 and Pankaj Shrivastava2* 1. DNA Fingerprinting Unit, Department of Home, Jail and Disaster Management, Government of Jharkhand . 2. DNA Fingerprinting Unit, Department of Home (Police), State Forensic Science Laboratory, Government of MP
    The present article is dedicated to one of the greatest scientist Prof. Lalji Singh who is behind the revolutionary birth of DNA...

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  • 04 Feb - 2018 posted by - Scientific India
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek - the Dutchman, was the first person to see bacteria. He first observed bacteria through his single-lens microscope in 1674. He made his own simple lenses.  During his lifetime he made more than 250 microscopes consisting...

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  • 04 Feb - 2018 posted by - Ashok Kumar (D.Phil)
    Molecular cytogenetics involves the combination of molecular biology and cytogenetics. In general this involves the use of a series of techniques referred to as fluorescence in situ hybridization in which DNA probes are labeled with different colored fluorescent tags to visualize one or mo...

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